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Please note our current projects and updated grant applications. If you should have any questions regarding our programs or wish to apply for a grant, feel free to contact us.


The next grant deadline will be Friday, July 6, 2018 by 6pm PST. 


IMPORTANT UPDATE: At this time, The Flourish Foundation is in the midst of organizational shifts. As our mission is transforming, our board has decided that we will not be accepting grant applications from new applicants or new partners.


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Our Philosophy

If there is radiance in the spirit, it will abound in the family.

If there is radiance in the family, it will abound in the community.

If there is radiance in the community, it will grow in the nation.

If there is radiance in the nation, the universe will flourish.

--Tao te Ching

Our Programs

The Flourish Foundation utilizes a unique pipeline to guide passionate, dedicated young individuals from underserved communities to use the arts as a tool to get through high school, access higher education, and eventually find a sustainable, successful career.