Monica and Phil Rosenthal, Founders


Photo: Sonya Sones at Vicki Abelson’s “Woman Who Write”

MONICA AND PHIL ROSENTHAL moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to pursue their careers and start a family. Philip created and executive produced the hit show, “Everybody Loves Raymond.” And Monica, whose guest-starring role was so popular, eventually became a series regular as Raymond’s sister-in-law, “Amy MacDougall-Barone.”

The Rosenthal’s philanthropy was heavily influenced by their relationships with Philip’s parents and late Grandmother. Despile fleeing Nazi Germany and surviving the Holocaust, they were committed to building productive lives and pass their traditions on to their children. With the enormous success of Raymond, Monica and Philip felt an obligation to create balance in their lives — for their children and their community.

The most effective philanthropy joins interests and passion with the needs of a community. The Rosenthals brought together their passion for arts and education and their respected friendship with Kevin Kane to create the Flourish Foundation – an organization capable of solving real problems and executing change in LA’s youth community.

The Rosenthal’s deep commitment to social activism and equality permeates their daily life. They teach their children, Ben and Lily, the importance of giving to their community and making the world a better place for those who cannot do for themselves. They participate as a family in fundraising activities and they’ve taught their children to tithe a portion of their allowance for charitable causes. Monica sums it up with a well-known verse, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Kevin M. Kane, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Former Executive Director and Co-Founder

Knowing how essential the arts were to his own education and personal development, Kevin has dedicated his career to providing artistic, creative, and academic opportunities to youth. This instinct to give back and pay-it-forward directly connects to the good fortune he feels from having been given similar opportunities. As a 14 year-old growing up in Upper Darby, PA, a working class suburb of Philadelphia, Kevin began arts training when he received a scholarship with the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet. Soon after, he joined a local theatre program called Summer Stage, where he met life long friend, Monica Horan Rosenthal. In this comprehensive summer arts program, students were taught to perform while building community and discovering how the arts can be a site for personal and collective transformation.

This discovery was profound and has guided and inspired Kevin’s work with youth. In 2006, Kevin and Monica co-founded The Flourish Foundation as a way to provide similar artistic, educational, and social opportunities to teens in the Los Angeles area. Kevin served as the proud Executive Director of the Flourish organization until June 2014. He is grateful and thrilled to see how the organization has evolved over the years and continues to help so many LA area youth make it through high school and into colleges and universities, while using the arts as a catalyst.

Through the arts, Kevin became the first in his family to graduate from college, earning a B.F.A degree in Theatre Arts from Hofstra University. Later he earned his MFA degree in Dance Choreography from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University with an emphasis in Arts Education and Culture and Performance. Participation in the performing arts and community building has been the through line that connects all his studies, research, teaching, and art making.

Kevin found his true passion – teaching – when he became a full-time arts educator, teaching dance and theatre arts for seven years at John Marshall High School. Since 2003, Kevin has also taught at UCLA in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/ Dance, most importantly creating and directing the department’s summer High School Dance-Theater Intensive program. After teaching arts pedagogy classes for several years at UCLA, Kevin was recently named the Associate Director of the school’s Visual and Performing Arts Education program. Through this position, Kevin has been honored to guide the next generation of socially engaged teaching artists and arts educators.