Since its inception, The Flourish Foundation has developed various ways to work with and support local youth, classroom teachers and administrators, teaching artists, arts educators and community arts organizations in a school setting. We currently are able to support youth and performing arts programs in the following ways:


School Site Grants

School Site grants, in the form of mini-grant/completion grants, are available for middle school or high school performing arts programs or projects in Los Angeles that are in need of financial support. Grants are meant to help offset project and program materials and related costs at a specific school. This support helps dedicated classroom teachers and teaching artists make their exciting ideas and dream projects a reality. In addition, we make it easier for Los Angeles-area classroom teachers to do their best to provide a wide range of performing arts experiences for their students. (Please refer to Criteria and Grant Information below for further details.)


Tuition Grants

Tuition Grants, in the form of scholarships, are available for exceptional high school or college-aged students pursuing a path in the arts who are in need of financial assistance for their academics. Specifically, we provide scholarship funds to support Los Angeles youth who are interested in training, studying or working in the performing arts through participation in performing arts education, training programs, and/or intensives. All programs must take place in the Los Angeles area and be within an academic institution. (Please refer to Criteria and Grant Information below for further details.)




- Must be a previous Flourish grant recipient/partner.
- Individuals, schools and organizations must be in the Los Angeles area to be considered for funding.
- Individuals, schools and organizations must be able to prove their need for funding. Note: Funding is awarded on a need basis. Priority is given to programs that are in the most need or currently have no or minimal performing arts programming support.
- Individuals, schools and organizations that have previously received a Flourish grant award must wait one full year before reapplying.
- School Site Grants are meant to support performing arts programs or performance projects taking place soon after the deadline date.
- School Site Grants are awarded to performing arts programs that specifically involve middle school and high school youth.
- Community Arts Organizations must partner directly with a school site in order to be considered for funding. If the Community Arts Organization submits the application (as opposed to the school), the organization must include a letter of support from the school site partner. This letter (either from a teacher or principal) must specifically state why the school wants to partner with the arts organization. Please make sure that the school representative is as specific as possible in this letter and includes all logistics (days, times, location, etc.) that have been agreed upon so that we know the school is fully committed to the implementation of the program.



Grant Information

- School Site and Tuition grants are awarded up to $5,000.
– The Flourish Foundation may award full or partial grants based upon the discretion of the Board of Directors.
– Deliberations occur 4-6 weeks after the deadline date. All applicants will be notified of the deliberation results one way or another.
– Grant awards and scholarship checks will be delivered in a timely manner to an agreed upon and established fiscal receiver.
– The granting decisions are final and are based on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, not all applicants can be funded. Due to the large number of applications received, we are unable to discuss the details of the decision-making process.


How To Submit

Click on the link to download the application form. Open the text document, answer the questions thoroughly, then save as a .docx or .pdf file. Attach the file in an email to The Flourish Foundation Executive Director ( and the Admin Coordinator ( Note: Please DO NOT mail hard copies to the foundation. Only applications received via email will be accepted.







What do you mean by “Los Angeles area”?
By “Los Angeles area” we typically mean LA city or LAUSD schools. With that said, the school site doesn’t necessary have to be an LAUSD school, but typically needs to be within the district’s designated areas. Here’s a map for your reference. As you can see on the map, areas like Culver City, Inglewood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are not included. For applicants applying with schools in those areas, award allocations will depend on the school’s need for performing arts; priority is given to schools with the most need. For instance, an application for a school in Inglewood that currently has no performing arts would be given funding over a school in Santa Monica that already has performing arts programming.

I see on the criteria for the School Site Grant program that only middle and high schools are eligible to apply for funding. Would the Foundation also consider funding programs that occur at elementary schools?
Unfortunately, we are only able to award funding to programs occurring at middle or high schools at this time. As much as we wish we could extend our granting parameters, we just do not have enough funding to do so.

Can an arts organization apply for funding in partnership with more than one school site?
Proposals in partnership with one school site are preferred. But in the past, funding has been given to an arts organization in partnership with two schools. It just depends on the circumstances and budget. Letters of support would be required from both school sites, if this is the case. Applicants are highly encouraged to discuss their program and situation with Grants & Admin Coordinator, Bianette Linares prior to the grant deadline.

Can previous Flourish grant recipients apply for funding again?
Yes, previous award recipients are eligible to apply again, they just must wait one full year from their award date before re-applying. So for instance, if the program was awarded in the January 2016 grant cycle, they would not be eligible to reapply until January 2017.

Do my responses need to be answered on the School Site Grant application form? Or can I simply send the responses on their own?
We prefer that you respond on our application form directly. That way we can keep all your information as organized as possible.

What do you consider to be performing arts?
Performing arts may include dance, music, opera, theatre, musical theatre, drama, spoken word & poetry and performance art.

If we wanted to bring students to see a live professional performance, could we include costs like transportation and tickets in our requested line items?
Yes, you can include transportation and ticket costs in your budget. Applicants have done this in the past, and we feel that it’s a great way to get students to see live, professional art.

NOTE: If your program costs more than $5,000, we ask that you provide the full program budget and then designate which line items you are requesting funding for specifically. We also ask that you provide information about the other funding you have secured or are seeking to support the remainder of your program/budget.