The Flourish Foundation supports and provides local youth in middle school, high school and college with performing arts programming in the following ways:

• Teaching Artist Program
• UCLA Dance/Performing Arts Summer Intensive

In addition, we provide academic proficiency support in the following ways:

• Applying to College Workshop Program
• Mentorship Program

We support performing arts programming for local youth that fall under the following categories:


Theater, including acting, drama, playwriting, spoken word and poetry


Dance and movement practices, representing a great variety of forms and styles


Music, including a variety of instrumental, percussive, and vocal practices


Since its inception, The Flourish Foundation has developed various ways to work with and support local youth, classroom teachers and administrators, teaching artists, arts educators, middle and high schools, colleges and universities and community arts organizations.

Our Programs

The Flourish Foundation utilizes a unique pipeline to guide passionate, dedicated young individuals from underserved communities to use the arts as a tool to get through high school, access higher education, and eventually find a sustainable, successful career.